Meet The Pro Carlos Larrain explains putting the body into an iron shot. Bill Van Smith

Your Friends Will Marvel When You Are Iron Man

The first thing to learn about hitting irons is that you have to hit the ball first. Start right there. Hitting the ball first is an always thing. Keep that in mind.

Also, all irons are not hit the same. Your swing is different for different irons.

When you hit an iron such as a 7, 8 or 9, you take a steeper swing and attack the ball. When you hit low irons, like a 3, 4 or 5, you should use more of a sweeping motion. Hitting a low iron is much more difficult – actually, big-time more difficult. For a low iron the swing is shallow. In my lessons I’ve found that a 3-iron is extremely difficult for a person to hit.

I don’t let my students jump into the low irons right away.

Hybrid clubs vs. regular irons? For the most part, you use the same swing. However, a lot of people these days find hybrid clubs easier to hit. They are bigger and flatter on the bottom, and many people find them easier for getting the ball up in the air.

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