You can’t have a good finish without a proper ‘PGA’ start

To effectively swing the club down a path to the target, it is important to follow three pre-swing principals: posture, grip and alignment (think PGA).


Feet are approximately shoulder width apart (weight on the balls of your feet), knees slightly flexed, upper body tilted from the waist, arms in front to swing freely to your target. Keep your chin up, and look down with your eyes…


Palms facing each other with thumbs on opposite sides of the shaft in balance of each other. Maintain a light grip pressure for the club head to swing, yet keep control of the club in your fingers. The correct grip will allow the clubface to remain square against the ball.


Shoulders, hips, knees and feet are on a parallel line with the target path.
The primary goal is for you to understand and execute one swing concept.
Try “PGA” set-up for optimal results.

Meet the pro

A Q&A with Gary Curreri

Warren Bottke, head teaching instructor at PGA National, was inducted into the South Florida PGA Hall of Fame in 2018. The youngest to reach PGA Master Professional status in Florida, Bottke also served as SFPGA president (2013-15). He has seven holes-in-one.

Dream Foursome?

Brooks Koepka, Donald Trump, Tigers Woods.Brooks is my former student. I never really played with him. I coached him from age 10 to 18. Trump is kind of an interesting guy. I would like to know him more on a personal level not on a business level. I have been around Tiger a few times but it was always a business thing.

Former favorite players?

I liked Arnold Palmer’s charisma. I like the way he had an unorthodox swing and yet he was able to perform well in his career. Before that would be Ben Hogan. And that would be just for his whole career, getting hurt and coming back and then being able to win after a tragic car crash.

Current Favorite player?

Tiger Woods. I would like to say Brooks, but he’s more than a friend and a son to me than an idol.

Favorite hole at PGA National?

The 15th in the Bear Trap on the Champions Course. Having the tournament there, me playing it and having it as my home course. I love seeing it. You can either take a 2 or a 6 on the hole. It is very challenging.

Favorite hole elsewhere?

The Par-3, 7th at Pebble Beach. The view is majestic.

Inspiration to play golf?

One of my mentors was Harry Hammond. He was a PGA Professional at the Whitford Country Club in Downingtown, Pa.

Most challenging part about teaching?

Having the player relax and understand what you are trying to teach. I am a very good communicator, and if you are a good communicator, you can get over that obstacle.

Proudest Moment?

Having Brooks win his first major, winning the U.S. Open at Erin Hills. Then at the 2018 PGA Championship because I got to hug him on the 18th green with his trophy. It was pretty awesome.

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