Two Musts For Solid Contact With Your Irons

Fat and thin contact typically are caused by one or both of two common mistakes. The first is that your weight is on your trail leg at impact. This puts the club at its lowest point in the swing behind the ball, resulting in a fat shot.

The second is when you let the clubhead pass the handle at impact, resulting in a thin shot. The target wrist bends, causing the club head to hit the middle or top of the ball.

At address, your target arm and wrist are straight, so if they are bent at impact the club will not reach the bottom of the ball or the ground. Players usually develop the second mistake trying to avoid hitting fat shots.

The fix

Scrape or mark a line in the ground and set up with the line in the middle of your stance. Practice moving from address to impact (weight on target side and handle in front of the clubhead). This will give you an idea of what the weight shift and move to impact should feel and look like.

Next, make practice swings trying to hit the ground on the target side of the line. Your weight must be on the target side and the handle must be ahead of the clubhead. If the handle is behind, your target wrist will be bent, leading to thin and topped shots.

Some players also lean backward into their trail leg to reach the ground, causing fat shots. This is why thin and fat shots typically go hand in hand.

So, if you have one or both of these swing flaws, this fix will help you develop proper impact position to improve your contact with irons.

Meet the pro

A Q&A with Gary Curreri

Leonardi grew up in Coral Springs and played at Taravella High and Florida State before turning professional. She played on the Futures, Golden Bear and Ladies European tours, competing in the U.S. Open, British Open and Evian Masters. She has worked at Lago Mar for 25 years except for short breaks to work for the Jim McLean Golf School and Grande Oaks Golf Academy.

Dream foursome?

It would be with my parents, who both passed away within the last few years, and my sister, Joanne. We all started playing together when I was young and used to spend Sundays on the course for family time. I would love to have just one more round.

Favorite current golfer?

Brooks Koepka. He’s exciting to watch and also a fellow Seminole.

Favorite golfer of all-time?

Tiger Woods. He did so much to grow the game. We all saw a boom in new golfers, especially in kids. when he first came on to the scene.

Advice for a beginner?

Get on the course as soon as possible even if it’s playing from 100 yards with a driver, wedge and putter. You will be hooked much quicker. Learn those three shots and get out there.

Favorite golf movie?

Tin Cup. It pokes fun of our profession and allows us to relive our memories of that one disastrous hole we have all had.

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