Pilates For Golf – A Perfect Match

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Golf is a game of asymmetry and multi-directional stresses on the body. The spine twists 100-130 times in one direction over an average of a four-hour game. Spinal alignment and flexibility are vital to a proper swing.

A great way to enhance your body for golf is to practice Pilates, which develops core strength and improves posture and alignment, creating stability and flexibility. Practicing Pilates will result in a total change in how you move in life, whether driving or putting, walking a course, lifting your golf bag or watching Golf Channel.

Pilates will condition your body to engage the very muscles you need to increase clubhead speed and drive your ball amazing distances down the fairway.

Standing Side StretchStanding Side Stretch

Stand tall, hands to the side, with your legs hip-distance apart. Reach your right arm up along your ear and reach up and over to the left, while your left arm reaches down. Take a few deep breaths in and out, then repeat on the other side up to four times each side.
Benefit: warm up stretch for flexibility.

Back Over Head StretchShoulder Back Stretch

Standing tall, reach arms behind your back-clasp fingers and bend forward while pulling lats down and reaching clasped hands up. Keep arms tight to your body utilize all back muscles.
Benefit: back muscle control and stretch.

Standing RotationStanding rotation

Turn at your waist from side to side with golf club across your shoulders. Repeat six times per side.
Benefit: opens tight shoulders and gains trunk rotation and flexibility.

Sitting Hip Flexor StretchSitting Hip Flexor Stretch

Sit with legs long in front of you. Cross right leg over left, bringing right elbow to the outside of the right knee. Twist and keep breathing. Every breath allows you to stretch a little further.
Benefit: Rotation, flexibility, and great stretch.

Christine Axel a PMA-CPT, and TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional at Pilates Fort Lauderdale, teaches Pilates to golfers who want to hit the ball consistently farther and straighter with reduced risk of injury. You can book a class at her studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale or she can teach a workshop at a course.

Visit www.pilatesftlauderdale.com, send e-mail to pilatesftlauderdale@gmail.com or call 954.309.2400.


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