Life Is A Series Of Hellos And Goodbyes

Life Is A Series Of Hellos And Goodbyes

I admit that I have issues.

Lots and lots of issues.

In fact, I have all of them – at least one copy of every issue The Tee Times has published since Bruce Bard, David Reed and I launched it in October 2007.

The cover story of our first issue carried the headline “It’s the survival of the fittest,” about how land development and economic pressures were squeezing out weaker courses.

Unfortunately, that story has aged well.

Another story that aged well, but fortunately: Alexis Thompson, 12, on the cover of the January 2008 issue after winning the Dixie Amateur, before our Lexi from Coral Springs became a major champion and spent seven consecutive years in the top 10 in the world.

Over the years, a writing roster that I consider to be the best of any regional golf publication anywhere – headlined by Craig Dolch, Gary Curreri, Bill Van Smith, Andy Kent, James Stammer and Marty Perlmutter – addressed renovations, course openings and closings, ownership changes, celebrity interviews and local tournaments.

Aces also apperared in our pages, as did Jacks – Nicklaus, Bloomfield and Shoenfelt among them (and Jackie Rogazione, quite likely our most devoted reader).

In 2019, Jeff Ward bought the publication and elevated it from newspaper to magazine. I stayed on as editor to help in the transition and Barbara Georgoudiou and Reese Wallace came in to dramatically improve the design and help develop the digital presence of The Tee Times.

This is the last issue for Barb, Reese and me, but The Tee Times will roll on under Jeff’s leadership and I hope you all will help roll it smoothly. Keep reading, share it with your golf buddies, show the businesses you patronize that to really be in South Florida golf, you need to be in The Tee Times.

So I say goodbye to Hollywood – and Stuart, Boca Raton, Miami Lakes and more – and wish you fairways and greens.

Thank you so much to all of you who helped along the way. You were irreplaceable.

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