How To Perfect Your Lofted Wedge Shots

In hitting a lofted wedge shot, you want to use a club with at least 8-10 degrees of bounce. Any course in South Florida you’re going to find that you have not very deep rough and a lot of the areas that you’d use this shot would be greenside, roughly 40 yards and in.

I prefer using a 56- to a 58-degree wedge. It’s doable with a 60 but not my recommended choice. You’re trying to access the trailing edge of the club – you don’t want to use the leading edge. If you chunk it or hit heavy where you’re digging too much, you’re usually entering the leading edge too much.

The only way to really do that is you move the ball forward of center, so anywhere forward of the buttons on your shirt or your belt buckle. What I like to do is have the ball forward and I like to have my hands slightly back at address.

This is a long, lazy swing and the key is to let your wrists break down right at impact. You have to have your wrists unlocking and that’ll let the trail edge come flying by. This is one of the few times I recommend you break your wrists is doing a lofted wedge shot, and I use this shot almost all the time when I play because it goes high, sits down soft and has a little bit of spin.

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