How To Keep The Ball Online And Close To The Ground

I learned this from Craig Shankland, a Hall of Fame PGA Teacher who taught a lot of PGA Tour players and is one of my mentors.

The concept is to keep the ball online and close to the ground. We are going to accomplish that by maintaining wrist angles. We don’t want to hit the ball really high. You can call it the bump and run.

The three basics are “the three smalls” – a small stance; small club (grip down); and a small swing.

The technique is boiled down to two. The bad one, which is called “Some-Some” and the good one, which is called “Some-None.”

With Some-Some, wrist angles change during the shot. You have no distance control; no control of direction and poor ground contact.

The shot is ruined by the overuse of hands because your arms stop going forward before ball contact.

In the Some-None, you want to set wrist angles and hold them through the shot, control with your torso, and your arms swing past the ball. That controls your face (of the club).

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