Four-Event Southern Collegiate Amateur Series Begins Oct. 12-13

A new Invitational amateur series will host four 54-hole individual events in South Florida this month and next. The series will be hosted by Southern Golf Events, an event management organization led by golf industry veteran TJ Shuart, as well as a team of local tournament administrators.

The series was launched in late August to provide a competitive schedule for collegiate golfers, on the heels of a changing landscape for student athletes who have largely seen intercollegiate team golf eliminated this Fall. The events, while geared toward collegiate level players, are also open to accomplished high school players, and non college amateurs.

Shuart has played a role in hosting nine team events over the last 3+ years and created the series to fill a need for active, competitive players who will experience a void this fall without college golf, as well as local aspiring collegiate players.

“ In the midst of what has been an ever changing climate for tournament golf, and in specific college golf, the South Florida market needed this idea. Despite the times we are in, golfers want to play golf and collegiate level players want to compete; we have an active state and local area of collegiate level players so we were encouraged to deliver this model to bridge the gap for many this Fall.”

The events, to be hosted Oct. 12-13, Oct. 19-20, Oct. 25-27 and Nov. 2-3, will all be held at premier, private facilities and award World Amateur Golf Ranking points, which only adds further value to the competitors.

“I was in somewhat of a ready position with my prior experience operating successful collegiate events and trusted relationships with leading venues; after soliciting feedback from those close to college golf, I felt that along with the help of others, we could be a positive resource for players through this different time.”

So far the events have seen players from Big 10, ACC and several other conferences register, as well as many players who attend school or reside in South Florida. The events are open to registrants on a first-come, first-served basis.

Visit www.southerngolfevents.com for more information.




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