Fire The Cannon!

One thing that is certain about golf tournaments is that they can provide the weird and wacky.
Just a few examples:

  • You can catch Batman and Superman competing against each other on Halloween at Miami Shores in Miami. No use of Kryptonite is allowed. Everybody wears a costume and if you don’t you are penalized strokes.
  • At Sandhill Crane in Palm Beach, there’s a ladies’ tournament called “Grip It, Rip It and Sip It.” What are they sipping? Nectar of the grape, methinks. Yes, that would be wine.
  • There is a bushel of fun at Davie Golf Club in Broward. The course occasionally leaves a large basket of apples on the tees at certain holes for the players to partake.

“This doesn’t always work,” admits course General Manager Patrick O’Fee. “The iguanas seem to be eating most of them.”

  • Once again at Davie (“The Fun Course”), you can play horseshoes while waiting to tee off on certain holes.
  • At Miccosukee in Miami, you might come up to a tee box in a tournament and spot an extremely hefty, bulky and muscular guy waiting for you. Almost scary looking. Actually, he’s a long drive champion and for $5 or so he will hit your drive for you. You can forsake your normal 160-yard drive for a 360-yard drive that will leave you 20 yards from the green. Your choice. Whoops, I see you already have your wallet out.

And, finally, there is the Big Boom of tournament golf. That would be the golf cannon.

It is literally a bazooka-like apparatus that has become extremely popular on the charity tournament circuit. You pay to shoot on the tee box, then the cannon – hmmm, maybe weapon is more appropriate – is loaded with a golf ball. Just take aim, adjust for distance and fire away. Your golf ball flies through the air more than 300 yards and ends up on the green some 20 feet or so from the pin. The proceeds benefit the event charity and usually a sponsor will donate a prize for the closest cannon shot of the day.

Phil K., who is involved with the Parkland Pokers 12U charity tournament, gives testimonial to the accuracy of the golf cannon. The cannon was provided by Unique Golf in a recent showing in January in an event labeled “Golf Cannon for Charity.”

“Everyone enjoyed the cannon shot at Parkland Country Club,” Phil K. said. “It was great fun and we easily raised some additional money for our charity. We had 64 players, and 60 of them tried the cannon.”

The closest cannon shot ended up 4’7” from the flag.

If you would like to include the Golf Cannon for Charity for your next event, call 954.372.1400.

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